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          Founded in December 2014, HIT Robot Group (HRG) is focused on robotics and related emerging industries. By developing, operating, and replicating its innovation-incubation-industry-education model, HRG is dedicated to building new technology innovation centers.

          As a platform operator and service provider
          for technology innovation and entrepreneurship built upon the innovation-incubation-industry-education-capital interactive business structure, HRG focuses on the coordinative development of entity economy, technology innovation, modern finance and human resources supported by integrated innovation, industry and finance chains, aiming at accomplishments in technology innovation, IP commercialization and industry incubation.

          HRG provides comprehensive services to support high-tech IP commercialization, startup building, transformation and upgrading of entity economies, and efficient, sustainable development of local businesses.

          “Embrace the best, race to the top” is HRG’s motto while pursuing our corporate goals to continuously strengthen resource sharing, ecological cooperation, mutualism and win-win cooperation as well as move forward deep integration among government, industries, universities, research institutes, financial institutions, professional services and customers, achieved by our business network made up of one headquarters, dozens of innovation bases and overseas offices. We root deeply in industries, embrace global resources and dedicate ourselves to servicing local economic development.

          The company is led by a team of 1,200+ innovators that include academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chang Jiang Scholars, and experts in the Ten Thousand Talent Program, who are the backbones of a total-factor and whole-chain covering technology innovation system.

          Thanks to our self-developed technology innovation, IP commercialization, and industry incubation system, HRG has so far applied for 2,200+ original patents and obtained 1,300+ authorized patents with at least 300 new applications every year. The system has incubated 100+ start-up companies and produced 200+ high-tech products that fall within 30 categories. On average, HRG kicked off approximately 30 new projects every year since the inception. Many industry clusters have been formed in the areas of smart factory, industrial robotics, service robotics, special robotics, entertainment robotics, medical and rehabilitation robotics and industry-education integration in a cooperative symbiosis development trend.

          Company Mission

          A Great Product Line

          A Strong Talent Team

          An Inspiring Business Model

          Corporate Culture

          Sustainable Growth

          Outstanding Service

          Happy Life

          Business Network

          Now HRG is a system that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship and industry development achieved by its business network made up of one headquarters, four business centers, dozens of industry bases and overseas offices.

          • Harbin, Heilongjiang (Group Headquarters)

            Address: Dalian Road North and Xingkai Road intersection, Harbin.

          • Beijing Business Center

            Address: Block A,Building 11,Dazu Business Bay,Yizhuang Development Zone,Beijing.

          • Anyang Industry Base

            Coming soon

          • Ji’nan Industry Base

            Coming soon

          • Longquanyi Innovation Site

            Temporary Office Addtress: No.188 East Five Road, Che Cheng, Longquanyi, Chengdu.

          • Yueyang Industry Base

            Coming Soon

          • Hefei Industry Base

            Address:No.5 Building,Science and Technology City,Susong Road and Jinxiu Avenue,Hefei.

          • Yangzhou Industry Base

            Coming Soon

          • Jiangyan Innovation Site

            Coming soon

          • Ma’anshan Innovation Site

            Coming Soon

          • Suzhou Business Center

            Coming Soon

          • Shanghai Business Center

            Address:Rm821,Hongqiao Yiyiyuan,1189 Wuzong Road,Minhang District,Shanghai.

          • Kunshan Innovation Site

            Coming Soon

          • Yiwu Industry Base

            Coming Soon

          • Zhongshan Industry Base

            Address:”Three Five”Project Building at the Junction of Ma’an Village in zhongshan Chui Heng New Area.

          • Shenzhen Business Center

            Address:Rm.B,F7,Block B,Central Zhou Holding Center,Nanshan District,Shenzhen.

          • Wuhan Industry Base

            Address:C5 Huazhong Smart Valley,No.1 Furong Rd.,Economic and Technological Development Zone,Wuhan,Hefei.

          • Linyi Innovation Site

            Address:Rm906, Bldg.A,Software Industry Base, Zhongguancun Technology Park,Hedong. Dist.

          • Huzhou Innovation Site

            Address:Floor 14,Bldg.B,Freedom Harbor,Wuxing Dist.,Huzhou.

          • Nanchang Innovation Site

            Address:Xiaolan Fuhua Center,No.1318 Fushan Yi Rd.,Nanchang County,Nanchang.

          • Silicon Valley Office in California

            Coming Soon

          • Washington DC Office

            Address:7361 Calhoun PI,Suite 320,Derwood,MD 20855

          • Frankfurt Office

            Coming Soon

          • Harbin,Headquarters

            Address: Dalian Road North and Xingkai Road Intersection,Harbin.


          • Seoul Office

            Address Korea Seoul Shinhua Bldg,439,Dogok-ro,Gannam-gu.

            Tel.+8225548862 Robert Lee

          • Tokyo Office

            Coming Soon

          • Singapore Office

            Address:21 Tampines Avenue 1,529757.
            Tel.+65 6789 8220

          Honors and Qualifications

          Management Team

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